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JibCrib is a place where sick skiers and snowboarders go to manage their mania. Here you can find helpful info like how to slam together your own backyard jib park; meet other delinquents who share your obsession for skiing and riding; buy, sell, and trade jib gear; and show off your mad skills. So, check out the site, show us your stuff, and let us know what you think.

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If you love your shred stick as much as your twin tips, or if your crew includes both skiers and riders, then JibCrib is for you. No haters here! We're all about group therapy sessions in the park, pushing each other to new heights, and progressing together.

JibCrib Asylum - Home for mad skiers and snowboarders.

What's coming to JibCrib? In addition to amazing videos, active forums, and other fun stuff, our goals is to collect and categorize news and information in ways you won't find anywhere else. So, for example, if you want to find out about amateur competitions to enter in your area, JibCrib will be your place to look. And as a JibCrib inmate (member), you can help us to help you. Upload your content, share what you know, and check back often as we build out and continuously improve the site. Thanks! The JibCrib Crew

What's New?

Our Events Calendar now supports social publishing, so if you've got a summer session or other freestyle event planned, be sure to post it here so the JibCrib community can help spread the word.

Be among the first to see next year's ski and snowboard gear. Take a look at our shots from the New England Winter Sports Representatives (NEWSR) spring show.

By the way, the photo gallery now supports social publishing, so go ahead and upload your own pics.

We've recieved our first submissions in our search for a JibCrib logo. Check them out in the Logo Concepts forum, and post your comments. Why not get creative and submit your own ideas? Who knows, maybe we'll choose yours!

Also, be sure to check out the backyard jib park plans section. the Along with our grind rail plans for a 14' long, 16" high, flat rail, we just added new jib box plans.  Also take a look at the photos of our rope tow plans and our Astroturf lauch ramp plans projects.

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